Less than a week after his trade from the Toronto Raptors to the San Antonio Spurs, DeMar DeRozan sat down for an exclusive interview with Chris Haynes.

DeRozan was asked what the past week has been like following the trade.

"Man, it was a blur," said DeRozan. "It was a dream ... still kind of feel like a dream right now. But it's been tough having this roller coaster -- up and down -- just trying to get acclimated to changing teams."

DeRozan claimed Masai Ujiri told him he wouldn't be traded just a few days before the trade went through. Ujiri said there was a gap in communication.

"Um, no, because all summer through the talks we had -- through the talks he had with my agent -- you know, it seemed like I was in that discussion of moving forward with the team. My whole approach every summer was preparing, going out there and supporting the young guys at summer league, figuring out ways I can be better, make my team better, and that was the gist of the conversations we had with moving forward. Having the opportunity to do something special all over again, you know? So that was my mindset and everybody around me's mindset as well."

DeRozan never envisioned leaving Toronto.

"I was so mentally in this being my home. I took pride in the community. I took pride in everything when it came to Canada. Not even just Toronto, everything that came with Canada, wearing that Toronto Raptors jersey. That's why it was so tough and emotional for me when I first heard it because everybody knows what type of guy I am. It showed when I went out there and played. Whether it was for the good or for the bad, I took it like a man."

DeRozan was asked asked what the Spurs are getting in him.

"A guy that's been proven to prove himself time and time again -- this time around having the biggest chip on his shoulder ever."