The NBA has given permission for players to participate in the Asian Games.

In a news release, the NBA said its agreement with FIBA allows for the league's players to play for their countries at the "Olympics, the FIBA Basketball World Cup, Continental Cup competitions and associated qualifying tournaments.

"Because the Asian Games are not one of those competitions, NBA players under contract are unable to participate," it says in the NBA's release. "However, due to a lack of clear communication of that agreement between the NBA and the Chinese and Philippines Basketball Federations, and after further discussions with both Federations, the NBA has agreed to provide this one-time exception."

Jordan Clarkson will participate with the Philippines. 

"My heart is full of gratitude for everyone who helped make this happen," Clarkson said in a Facebook post, reacting to the NBA's decision to let him and others participate.

Houston Rockets center Zhou Qi and Dallas Mavericks forward Ding Yanyuhang can both play for the Chinese team.