Kyrie Irving was traded by the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics last offseason.

While Irving's first season seemed to go well outside of his season-ending injury, there has been speculation that he might not re-sign in 2019.

“I still would take Boston against the rest of the field," said Adrian Wojnarowski. "I would for this reason: I still think in the end there comes a moment of truth when you look around, and you have to make a decision about somewhere else. And when you really start inspecting the questions that are in almost any other circumstance he'd go to, you would say: ‘Boy, it’s pretty good here.’ …"

Wojnarowski spoke about the possibility of Irving going to the Knicks and his belief that a top player will sign with that franchise.


"I still think Boston is in position from top to bottom. If he's healthy and that team achieve, I still think it's going to be really hard to walk away from this.”