Steve Kerr is one of the only people in the NBA who has been both a general manager and a head coach, but he never had both roles at the same time.

"One of the reasons I wanted to coach is because frankly it's easier than being a GM and facing some of those choices," Kerr said. "So I'm lucky, I've got a great GM, a great friend in Bob [Myers] and when we've been faced with difficult decisions the collaboration and the process that we've had has been really sound and I've learned a lot actually from being part of it. We're in the midst of a good run obviously and we're lucky to be where we are and it's been smooth, but we're all going to face our moments. It's the NBA, it's tough out there."

Kerr was asked whether he believes someone could be successful in both roles.

"I'm sure it can," Kerr said, when asked if someone could still be successful in a dual coach/GM type role. "But it wouldn't work for me. It depends on the circumstances, the situation. It depends on relationships within the organization. Everybody is going to be structured a little differently. But having sat in both chairs I would not be comfortable doing both jobs."