The future of Kyrie Irving will be one of the NBA's most critical storylines as he enters the final season of his contract and his second with the Boston Celtics.

“This is probably one of the few times I’ve been happy playing basketball and being in Boston has made it a lot easier, having a great environment, great organization so it’s been awesome,” said Irving.

Irving requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2017.

“Coming to Boston, I was thinking of all the teams that were looking to trade [for] me, Boston just swooped in as Danny Ainge does, he just swooped in and it’s like ‘No, we got you.’ And I just started thinking about it and I was just so grateful because my dad went to school at BU, my mom and dad met at BU, I had been at BU for Elite camps but I had no idea I’d come to Boston but when I had the opportunity.”

Irving also touched upon his impending free agency.

“To be in a position to even be considered a franchise free agent is pretty awesome,” he said. “At this point in my career, it’s not so much about the money, it’s not so much about the extra curricular things, it’s like OK, where am I happy? Where am I most comfortable? Who’s going to give me that [atmosphere] where I would love to grow as a human being? I spent more time with my teammates than I do with my family and you want to be in a place where thinking about starting over again, obviously that’s what the thing you think about.

“You think, ‘what about a new location?’ and it’s just like I want to be comfortable and what’s better than being in Boston? This year has felt much different because of the environment that has been created for me and by me and going to the new practice facility. There’s nothing like playing at TD Garden.

“I didn’t say that to appease you guys. I actually love Boston.”