LeBron James saw the opportunity to build a new culture with the Los Angeles Lakers being a clean slate as a major positive, according to his agent Rich Paul.

Jeanie Buss had replaced Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak with Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka approximately a year and a half before James' free agency.

“I think it was important to LeBron that the Lakers are really just starting to build a new culture from the ground up and he could have a lot of influence on the new direction,” Paul said. “As he has said, there are a lot of reasons he joined the Lakers, including family and a number of basketball specific reasons, but team culture is as important to LeBron as talent. And he knew (that) Jeanie, Magic and Rob were just beginning a new era.”

“I think, listen, (Magic) was very close to Dr. Buss and what he built around here,” James said recently. “Obviously we all know that, (know) the history. For him to be back here a part of the organization, trying to put together the fruition and the dreams, the product of what Dr. Buss was doing and now what Jeanie is doing. This is one of his goals. It could be bigger than him winning a championship as a player. So to be here and be along on that path with him is (great) and I appreciate it.”