Kevin Durant talked about what he's looking for as he begins a season that some have speculated could be his last with the Golden State Warriors.

“I don’t need [to be recruited], I don’t need to feel appreciated,” Durant told Yahoo Sports on Tuesday after a 108-100 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on opening night. “I don’t need anything extra [from the Warriors]. I’m just here to hoop and win games. I already know what this organization is about.”

Durant was the last player introduced during the Warriors' ring ceremony. The last slot is typically designed for Stephen Curry. Team officials insist Durant getting the final call was not a recruiting tactic but a decision to rotate the players.

Durant has already grown tired of free agency questions.

“I just want people to focus on basketball,” Durant said. “Focus on what goes on the court. I know it’s hard to keep up with it. I know it’s easy to look at that type of [expletive] because it’s the entertainment side. But wait until the season is over with to analyze [free agency]. I know it’s your job and it’s hard to say that, but try to shift some of your focus to the court, too. I know you have to still do your job and check on stuff like that, but every day? Every city I go to? Come on, man. I said what I had to say at media day. I understand your job, but let’s come to a little agreement. Don’t ask me every time you see me. If it’s the first time I’m seeing y’all, I don’t mind answering. But every time? Come on, bro.”

Rival executives believe Durant will seriously consider other teams this offseason.