Steve Kerr talked about how the Warriors' first title in 2015 was a feeling of job while the one in 2018 felt more like a relief.

Kerr is attempting to use greed as a motivating factor for his superstars.

“I think when you’re talking superstars, when you’re talking about Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, the motivation internally sometimes becomes just getting greedy with your titles and with your place in the history of the league. I don’t use that as a carrot as a coach, but I think a lot of superstar players probably have that on their minds. They can’t ever take it away from you, you’re a champion. But at that point, guys like Steph and KD just get greedy. ‘Let’s get Magic. Let’s get MJ. Let’s go.’”

“You can’t lose the love,” Curry said. When asked how one preserves the meaning of winning, he says, “Draymond was in practice the other day talking about it. There’s a very fine line between just showing up and actually getting stops and playing with love. I mean, you might not win, but you can’t lose that edge. That’s not good for anybody.”