The minutes and production of Terry Rozier have dipped this season with the return of Kyrie Irving.

But Rozier said he isn't upset about his role with the Celtics a few months away from his restricted free agency.

"I go from starting in the playoffs to coming off the bench. ... I'm pretty sure it's not easy for nobody," Rozier said. "But I'm not complaining. And, if you know me, I would never be the one to complain about it.

"I would never go to the media or bring out the unhappy thing. Like I said, people that know me know I wouldn't do that. I've never been a selfish type of person, selfish player. You can tell the way I play I'm all about team.

"Everything will be alright. It's not as bad as people make it seem."

A report from The Athletic indicated several teams, including the Suns, have been monitoring the availability of Rozier.