The Kevin Durant-Draymond Green situation isn't about Durant's free agency as much as it is about Green's vocal attitude toward it, according to sources. While there could be others in the locker room who don't like how Durant has approached his free agency situation, no one has chosen to express their views like Green.

“No one cares except for Draymond,” said one source.

Green and Durant were spotted walking into the Toyota Center for shootaround together and generally appeared to be back to normal with their interactions.

“It’s very special,” Green told The Athletic about the prospect of a three-peat“And no, it won’t be perfect. Not one championship we’ve won has been perfect. Ain’t no season perfect. It won’t be perfect, and that’s just the nature of the beast. But it’s a special thing to be on a run and to win three in a row, four out of five championships, which I think hasn’t been done since the ’60s. That’s a special thing, and we’re focused on making that happen.”

“We’re banged up a little bit physically, and right now we’re banged up spiritually,” Steve Kerr said after Golden State's blowout loss to Houston. “There’s no getting around that. So we’ve got to fill up our cup, and get our spirit back and get our energy back. And we’re going to. It’s a long season. This is a tough stretch we’re dealing with. I know our guys.

“Draymond (no points, five rebounds, five assists and five turnovers) may not have had his best night tonight — in fact, he played pretty poorly, (but) I liked his approach. He was genuine out there. He was competing. Nothing went his way, but I like where he’s heading. And now the rest of the team, we’ve got to all lift our spirits up and get back on the saddle.”