Joe Lacob dismissed the notion that the Golden State Warriors could be choosing Kevin Durant over Draymond Green.

“I’ve read and heard all the things people are talking about. That we’re choosing one person over another. We’re not choosing anybody over anybody.”

The Warriors suspended Green following his verbal confrontation with Durant.

Lacob was asked whether this is a managerial issue.

“I think that’s exactly right. It’s totally a management issue,” said Lacob. General manager “Bob Myers and our head coach Steve Kerr are handling it. And they’re handling it very appropriately.”

Lacob said it hadn't occurred to the Warriors that it may appear as though they're choosing sides.

“It never even occurred to us. That’s not the point,” said Lacob. “The point is, whether it would be any employee, they’d have to act certain ways to be our employee. Draymond knows that he went beyond — won’t say what he did, or what he said, or anything like that — he went beyond what we felt appropriate, so it didn’t matter who it was.

“And he understands that, by the way. I’ve been texting with him, and he totally gets it. I do have a great relationship with him, and I still do.”