The Washington Wizards players talked formally following the leaks of their volatile practice.

“We’re done [with it],” Markieff Morris said. “Honestly, we don’t wanna take no backward steps. Just try to push past it. When you’re losing, there’s gonna be stuff like that, and you’ve gotta be the bigger man and push back.”

The Wizards spent 16 games of the season criticizing their own effort and then replicating the same issues only to criticize it again.

“We’ve been embarrassed,” Morris said.

“We’re playing harder. It’s really simple,” Scott Brooks said. “There’s no coach, there’s no players that can overcome not playing hard.”

“We talk about it all the time,” Bradley Beal said. “We talk about our problems, what we need to do. It’s evident to a guy who doesn’t know the game. So for us, it’s just doing it. Stop talking about it. Do it. Focus on trying to move forward and doing it together. And it’s been working.”