The Boston Celtics held a closed-door team meeting that lasted 36 minutes following their 120-107 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. It was the Celtics third straight loss. 

Kyrie Irving said the meeting was to address "inconsistencies" in their play, while adding that "it comes down to cohesion, being able to trust the pass, trust what we have going on out there. Obviously some selfish play out there where ... we have some really talented guys, but we're better as a team sharing the basketball".

Irving added that he needed to be more patient with younger players as a team leader.

"To be honest I'm not playing the minutes I would want, the role I would want, that I selfishly would want for myself. That all goes on the back burner to being patient with what I have to do to grow as a leader of this team and help these other young guys to be more prepared for what they'll encounter as they get older in this league and are going through right now. That's part of the deal that I have, as opposed to how many shots I get or how successful I am. It's how successful we are as a team".

Jaylen Brown added "it's not about me. It's about us. We're trying to be a unit, either we're going to be all in or we're not. I didn't take anything personally from it, but we all got to be better".