Kyrie Irving pointed to the Boston Celtics' team meeting following a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on December 21st as the key to their recent success.

The Celtics have won 7 out of 9 games since the meeting to clear the air between players and coaches, which lasted over 30 minutes.

“Just getting with one another (after the Bucks loss), really put everything out there and then move on from that point. At that point, playing against Milwaukee, we weren’t at rock bottom, but we needed to address some s--- in this locker room. It’s just good to get stuff out in the air.”

Irving stressed the importance of maintaining trust in the team during this current stretch of the season. 

Meat of the season right now and you can tell that our team is just feeling really good being around each other. And it’s totally different in terms of how we feel out there. It’s just really positive. You just don’t see the body language as we once did in the beginning of the season of guys not getting shots or guys missing shots. Miss or make, we’re setting up our defense. We’re just starting to become that team where we really trust one another game to game.”