Ben Simmons said that the Philadelphia 76ers needed to be more physical on the defensive end following a 123-121 home loss against the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks scored 62 points in the paint and outrebounded the Sixers 44-30.

Joel Embiid missed the game with a sore ankle. 

"I think we were too soft...I just don't think we're physical enough. I think defensively, we're not taking it personal enough when guys score on us. It should be a pride thing when somebody scores; you should be frustrated every time," said Simmons.

It was the second time this season that Simmons described the team as "soft".

Jimmy Butler disagreed with Simmons' assessment.

"I don't like the word 'soft...I'm not gonna say that anybody's soft. I just think that we got beat in every aspect of the game. They came out from the jump and did what they wanted to do, and they did that for 48 straight minutes...I hope we're still together. Nobody pointing fingers at anybody."