Following the Golden State Warriors' 132-100 win over the Indiana Pacers, Steph Curry said that the Warriors are turning up the intensity following their 50th game of the NBA season. 

"Coach hit us with what game this is -- I think it's 50. And you think about how quickly that springs on you. You get back from All-Star break, you still have 30 games and you're like, 'All right, this is playoff mentality time,' and you start to ramp it up, so we're starting early."

The Warriors have won 11 straight games, and have also won 10 straight road games while scoring at least 110 points in each game. 

Curry added that DeMarcus Cousins continues to improve within the team. 

"Every game, he's looking a little bit more athletic, more confident. Got a little bit more of a rhythm. Understanding where he's going to get his touches. Just the way he runs in transition defensively, the effort he's bringing on that end of the floor, as well."