Anthony Davis and Klutch Sports were unsuccessful in trying to force a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers by the 2019 trade deadline.

"I couldn't believe how my phone blew up at 3:00 PM today with people mocking Anthony Davis and Rich Paul," said Brian Windhorst on The Hoop Collective podcast. "Agents, other teams, league officials saying 'boy, they really screwed up.'"

With the Boston Celtics unable to trade for Davis at this time, the Lakers had a window in which they could theoretically have offered enough to compel the New Orleans Pelicans to execute a trade.

"I think the risk profile on this, looking at what the Lakers actually had to trade, the risk profile Anthony Davis and his team elected to take was a little bit unsavory. I thought the chance of them getting what they wanted was not high enough to the damage he was going to accept. But it could have worked."

Davis requested a trade less than two weeks before the trade deadline.