Kevin Durant was not surprised to be LeBron James' first pick in the All-Star Game draft for the second straight year.

"What else is he supposed to do?" asked Durant following the Warriors' 117-107 win over the Suns.

Durant has come under media scrutiny recently after saying that he doesn't trust the press.

DeMarcus Cousins came to Durant's defense.

"It's a credit to his mental toughness. I don't think he gets enough credit for how much bulls--- he deals with on the daily. He has his personal life. He's probably top-two, top-three guys in the league when it comes to ... just dealing with media -- him, Bron, maybe Steph [Curry]. It's a tough life -- always having a camera in your face, never really having privacy -- and it's obvious how much he gets attacked just on the social media and from a fan standpoint. He deals with a lot, he has a lot coming at him, and he's still able to block that out and come out and produce on a nightly basis. So that's a credit to him. Like I said, I don't feel he gets enough credit for it," added Cousins.