Kevin Durant has used his basketball career, fame and capital to participate in a number of business ventures.

"My platform is hoops," Durant said. "Billions of people are watching, so why not leverage it to do the cool stuff that we like to do?"

Durant has been working with Rich Kleiman for the past six years. They have invested in 50 companies as Thirty Five Ventures, including Postmates and a drone company called Skydio.

Durant and Kleiman refer to each other as "my best friend" and sometimes even "brother."

"We just met at, like, the perfect point," Durant said of Kleiman. "We both hit our peaks at the same time."

Thirty Five Ventures has 10 employees at the moment and is moving into a new office building in New York City.

Durant will be a free agent this offseason and has been linked in the media with the New York Knicks.