NBA vice president of referee development and training Monty McCutchen disagreed with the National Basketball Referees Association's interpretation of a non-travel call on Bradley Beal.

The call in question took place during the 4th quarter of the Wizards' loss to the Pistons on Monday. Beal took two steps following a gather step, lost control of the ball and took two more steps to get past Blake Griffin's contest, then passed the ball to Trevor Ariza.

"The offensive player gathers with his right foot on the ground. He then takes two legal steps, before losing control of the ball. After regaining possession, a player is allowed to regain his pivot foot and pass or shoot prior to that foot returning to the ground. This is legal", tweeted the NBRA.

McCutchen disputed what Beal did after losing control of the ball.

"Bradley Beal gathers the ball and takes two steps, but then loses control of the ball. Once he has lost control after taking the two steps, he must regain control and pass or shoot before taking another step in order to be legal. Since he does not regain control until another step, the play is a travel."