NBA regular season games have averaged approximately 1.87 million viewers across ESPN, ABC and TNT entering the 2019 All-Star break, which is down eight percent from last year (2.02M), but up three percent from 2016-17 (1.82M).

Viewership has declined 12% for games starting before 9:30 PM ET (from 2.30M to 2.02M), and increased 4% for games starting after 9:30 (from 1.64M to 1.70M).

The Lakers are the biggest draw in the NBA with 2.77 million viewers per game.

The Warriors rank as the second-biggest draw this season, with their games averaging 2.58 million. At the same point last year, Golden State games were averaging 2.94 million.

The Celtics (2.18M), Thunder (2.08M) and Sixers (2.03M) round out the top five.