Luka Doncic's success has many current and former players weighing in on whether young European prospects are more prepared to play in the NBA than their American counterparts.

“One thing about the European prospects: They are a little bit more fundamentally sound, better than we are. Over there, they practice the basics. Over here, we rely a lot on our talents: jumping, shooting, running. Europeans have always been like that, and Doncic looks pretty good," said Shaquille O'Neal.

Wes Matthews pointed to the differences between a professional European setting and college basketball.

“A lot of rookies in the States right now, they’re young...they’re not quite as seasoned as far as practice times and film sessions and all that kind of stuff. If you would’ve drafted me after my freshman year in college, all I would’ve known is high school, where I could’ve essentially done whatever I wanted to do because I was the best player,” said Matthews.

The debate comes on top of Mark Cuban's comments comparing AAU basketball to Slovenia's basketball system, although Jaren Jackson Jr. defended AAU basketball. 

"I had fun playing AAU. I don’t really look at it like it’s a negative...I would just say, ‘Play more AAU games.’ They’re fun. I like them," said Jackson.