Ted Leonsis and Vivek Ranadive have been vocal about the potential benefits that sports betting could provide the NBA, with Leonsis calling it "the most important new business" for the league.

"Right now, the people who go to casinos to gamble, it's a small community and it generates $8-10 billion a year in revenues and play. But there's probably $100 billion that's in the shadows by really sophisticated gamblers. And obviously the first step is we want to get that audience that's gaming illegally to come into the sunlight," said Leonsis.

The two have focused on real-time betting during games, which they call "predictive gaming". The Wizards have experimented with an alternate feed of Wizards games showing updated, real-time odds. 

The Kings will introduce a lounge this season where premium seatholders can place bets on the score or player performance for virtual credit. 

"The arena is the game console. And your phone is the controller for the game console. So we're only limited by our imagination," says Ranadive.