Kevin Garnett says he wants to see Giannis Antetokounmpo add a pull up jumper to his game. 

"The one-dribble and two-dribble pull up. That’s what made Kobe [Bryant] and Michael [Jordan] so tough. They would low dribble, jab step and shoot. That was such a hard move to defend. The one-dribble pull up? You don’t even understand how technical of a move that is...the three ball will help his game, and if he ever gets that one-dribble, two-dribble pull up, that would be unbelievable," said Garnett when asked what Antetokounmpo could do to improve his game.

Garnett added that Antetokounmpo's competitive nature was honed playing alongside the previous generation.

"When Giannis first came into the league, he was facing guys like myself, Kobe and Tim Duncan. We were still in the league when he came in. He was not only able to interact but also get some of those yesteryear gems and glimpses from us. He was super competitive when he first came into the league...he’s very intense. I understood that. We connected off that. He’s a great listener. A total sponge. He wants to be the best. He doesn’t care about being liked, about making friends. He has a vision for himself."