Kyrie Irving said that criticism towards LeBron James this season was unfair due to the lack of playoff experience on the Los Angeles Lakers roster.

“You’re coming to a team like that and you have a lot of the responsibility, and you come back in the middle of the regular season, it’s hard because now other teams are gearing up for the playoffs, that next level of play. Bron knows about it, (Rajon) Rondo knows about it, but Kuz (Kyle Kuzma) and Brandon Ingram, he’s trying to teach these guys well about what it takes to win consistently in this league," said Irving.

Irving added that he empathized with James during his groin injury.

“I feel for him. I really do. I feel for him. I’m very empathetic towards it because how much he wanted to play during that time when he messed up his groin,” added Irving.

Irving also believes that his championship experience with the Cavs would pay off with the Celtics during this season's playoff run.

“My confidence runs deep regardless, but especially when it’s at the highest point of competition, it’s when I did my best...I think that experience and that carryover from taking (the championship), from the opportunity of being in Cleveland and then taking (the experience) to Boston gives me my confidence in my teammates now.”