Following the Golden State Warriors' 106-104 win at the Houston Rockets in which he played the best game of his tenure with the team, DeMarcus Cousins compared this season to being in the middle of a soap opera.

"Oh, it's something every day," Cousins said. "It's like my grandmother -- when I was younger, she had this show she used to watch. I'm sure y'all heard of it -- 'As the World Turns.' She called it her story: 'I gotta watch my story.' I used to watch it with her; and every episode, it was something. That's what this has turned into -- 'As the World Turns.'"

"The NBA is a soap opera in itself," Green said with a smile. "It's probably the best soap opera in the world. If you want to put it in those terms then, yeah, I'm sure it is. Because you got the NBA, which is a soap opera, and then you got this team, which is right in the middle of that entire soap opera. And then he get thrusted into that team that's right in the middle of it. So ... it's interesting."