Vince Carter has embraced his role as a mentor to the young Atlanta Hawks core of Trae Young and John Collins. 

“There’s a lot of things that come with wanting to be, ‘The Man’ of a franchise. I’ve been there for a lot of years, so I’ve seen a lot. So I’m just trying to share my wisdom, both in conversation and on the court, because I feel like in the world today you have to do a little more than just have a conversation. I like to lead by example and by showing the young guys the way," said Carter of his role as the veteran of the team.

Kent Bazemore added that he wants to lead his younger teammates by example.

“The way I choose to do it is show guys how to take care of their bodies and embrace the grind of not feeling your best and still getting your lifts in each week, proper stretching and nutrition. Everyone has their own approach to basketball, but some of those are tough to change and you’ve got to do what works for you. So I just try to show them how to do things to help them have a nice long career," said Bazemore.