Steve Kerr said there was no communication on defense following the Golden State Warriors' 126-91 loss at home to the Dallas Mavericks.

"Defensively, we were not connected. We weren't talking, and we got off to that slow start. And Dallas is always a hard team to guard -- they execute well, and I think they made 12 3s in the first half, 21 for the game. A lot of miscommunication -- but we just couldn't pull together after that slow start," said Kerr.

Kevin Durant was unconcerned about the loss.

"It's not odd at all. I think everybody in that locker room has gotten their asses beat at home before. I know this experience is different, how much winning we've done the last few years. But we're still in the NBA; guys have been a part of terrible games, along with the great games, as well. The good thing about it, we play tomorrow night too," said Durant.