The San Antonio Spurs retired Manu Ginobili's jersey in an emotional, 25-minute ceremony.

"I'm telling you, I'm one of the lucky ones. I've been dealt amazing cards. I just had to play them OK. That was all I had to do," said Ginobili.

Ginobili's former teammates and coaches, including Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Gregg Popovich, all paid tribute to his legacy and impact on foreign players in the league.

"He showed the folly of me trying to coach him too much...In the beginning, he was like a mustang out in the field someplace. That's how he lived his life on the court. He was fearless, wild and did things that won games. So when I step back and look at, 'Manu, I think that pass could have been a little bit better.' That's a pretty inane comment when he just did seven other things to help us win the game. So I basically learned to zip it as his career progressed. He's someone that his constant activity would try your patience at times. But over time, you realize that he was gonna get a lot more done by just playing and didn't really need a whole lot of instruction from me," said Popovich.

Boris Diaw added that Ginobili brought a new way of playing to the NBA.

"He was the first one, I think, playing this way and bringing a different type of basketball when everybody was kind of playing the same way. Manu brought something new, something different, and a lot of young guys looked at him and tried to copy it and saw that it was working. I think the guys that we see now, of course, are those young guys from years ago."