Gordon Hayward scored 23 points while shooting 9 of 9 from the field in the Boston Celtics' 117-97 win over the Indiana Pacers.

Hayward added that his explosiveness from Utah is slowly returning.

“That’s a lot of what I did when I was in Utah, finishing in the lane with different types of finishes off one foot, two feet, fade-back, things like that. Some is slowly coming back, some is more explosive and can handle the contact a little better, staying on balance. It’s coming together nicely, and I have to continue to attack and get to the line," said Hayward.

Hayward is shooting 64.4% and 42.9% from 3 in his last 5 games.

Brad Stevens added that Hayward isn't forcing anything in his game.

“He’s obviously attacking with great physicality, but that’s what he does. He’s playing really well. He’s still not forcing anything that’s not there. He had a couple of times that he could have forced it and he just kicked it out and let the next guy make the play, which is the right play."