Earl Watson says the Phoenix Suns gave him a two-week termination notice during training camp before the start of the 17-18 season.

Watson was publicly fired by the Suns after their 0-3 start with losses of 48 and 42 points.

“I never addressed why I left the Suns and it wasn’t because of the record,” Watson said. “It was a rebuild and a rebuild was creating a new start and the new start was [star guard] Devin Booker.”

The timing of the move came as a surprise.

“That’s a question you have to ask ownership,” Watson said when asked about the Suns' logic of firing him after the season had just started. “I was given notice in training camp. I was going to be out for sure. I was blown away, obviously. My personal conversation with ownership was very direct and very manly and up front, but I really believe this, that it’s the best thing that happened for both parties.”