Kevin Durant said Golden State Warriors can't underestimate the Los Angeles Clippers ahead of their playoff matchup.

"We got our work cut out for us. I know it's a 1-8 series, but they got a lot of talent that know how to play in the playoffs. They got players that are ready for the playoffs, so we're looking forward to seeing what our game plan is, looking forward to preparing for this team. We'll see how it goes," said Durant.

Durant then picked out a group of Clippers players that the Warriors will need to keep their eye on. 

"They got an an all-world scorer in Lou Williams who can get it going at any time in the game from anywhere. You got [Danilo] Gallinari who can do the same. And then you got wing players like [Landry] Shamet and Wilson Chandler, guys that can come in and give you some problems in the playoffs for a stretch; having another big like [Ivica] Zubac, so they got a nice team, well-coached. They're going to definitely play us extremely hard from the start, and it's not going to be as easy as people think it is," he added.