Daryl Morey has repeatedly said the Houston Rockets' goal is to defeat the Golden State Warriors. Morey was asked whether there's part of him that thinks the Rockets can simply outlast Golden State's dynasty to finally advance to The Finals.

"They’re not dead yet! No, no, we need to win now," said Morey.

Morey was also asked if he doubted their style following their Game 7 loss in which they missed 27 straight three-pointers.

"If we didn’t play our style, we’re probably out in the second round, losing in six games to somebody. Our style got us to that Game 7 where we happened to miss a bunch of threes. But the reality is we were close to winning it, even missing 27 threes. In reality, we only missed 25 in a row. It was close."

Morey has been trying to maximize the Rockets' title window during the prime of James Harden.

"We have a long tradition of winning here and, obviously, we have the best player in the world. When you have the best player in the world, you can’t accept anything less than giving yourself a very good chance to win the title.

"So we’re not going to accept that, and if we’re trending towards not giving James Harden and Chris Paul a chance to win the title, we’re going to keep changing until we do. Or we’ll fail trying."