Steve Kerr said that Kevin Durant has to be wary of getting a 1-game suspension after getting ejected with two technical fouls following a confrontation with Patrick Beverly.

"We took the bait. [Durant] took the bait, and that's two technicals. You get seven technicals, your seventh one is a suspension in the playoffs. Whether you play four playoff games or 24, seven is the magic number. So he's got four to play with after one game," said Kerr.

Durant and Beverly were ejected late in the fourth quarter after they both received their second technical foul for exchanging words.

Durant described his matchup with Beverly as "fun."

"He's a Chicago kid, man -- grew up and raised in the Chicago area, so those dudes played with a different type of grit, so I can appreciate that about Pat. And we know what he's gonna bring to the table -- just physicality, mucking up the game a little bit with his physicality, his talking, just everything -- that's what he brings to each team he plays on. That's his identity, and they support him with the Clippers. So for me, I know that coming into the series, so I thought it was fun tonight," added Durant.