Damian Lillard said that Enes Kanter was "the MVP" of the Portland Trail Blazers' 104-99 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in game 1 of their playoff series.

Kanter finished the game with 20 points and 18 rebounds.

"[Kanter] was the MVP of the game, especially down the stretch getting us second opportunities, third opportunities. He had a huge presence down the stretch and played a huge part in us winning this game," said Lillard. 

Kanter, who began the season on the Knicks, said he appreciated the opportunity to compete in a playoff game. 

"I was on the worst team in the league and I wasn't even playing because they thought I was too old...it was frustrating because I just wanted to go out there and win...a couple of days ago I looked in the mirror and said I am blessed...it feels amazing," added Kanter.