The Cleveland Cavaliers are already receiving trade calls on J.R. Smith. The Cavaliers believed they would receive better offers for Smith and his unique contract in the offseason rather than the trade deadline.

Smith's contract counts for more than $15 million for trade purposes but the receiving team will only be committed to paying him $3.8 million. Smith's contract with grandfathered into the current CBA when it comes to salary matching. The receiving team can stretch Smith's $3.8 million over three years to create even more cap space.

“We have a trade chip in JR Smith, and his contract, where we can take on some money that other teams are trying to get some cap relief from,” general manager Koby Altman said Friday. “We are actually the only team in the NBA that can provide guaranteed cap relief until July 1. We can guarantee that right now and we actually had a phone call (Thursday) on that trade chip, so, we’re going to keep on being aggressive adding those assets because we do eventually want to consolidate and be really good at some point.”

The Cavaliers are seeking a first round pick from a team looking to create cap space.