Caris LeVert and Jared Dudley called out Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons for laughing during Embiid's apology for throwing an elbow at Jarrett Allen in game 2. 

"We didn't really like that. We thought that was kind of disrespectful, especially after the elbow he threw. It is what it is. There's no love lost. It's a playoff series. We expect that," said LeVert.

Embiid was called for a flagrant foul for his elbow. He and Ben Simmons laughed during his apology in the post-game press conference. 

"I felt a certain type of way for it just because you're laughing and someone could have really gotten hurt. Now, luckily, Jay did pop up. That's been Embiid's personality, but just because it's your personality doesn't mean it's right. So, for us, you can either get even however you want to do it, but the biggest thing for us to get even is winning Game 3," added Dudley.