Kyle Lowry said that the Toronto Raptors needed to give more help to Kawhi Leonard following their 116-95 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers in game 3.

Lowry, who scored 7 points and was a game-worst minus-28, put much of the blame on himself. 

"We've got to help him. I was literally saying it during the game. We have to help him. He's doing everything he can possibly do offensively and defensively to f---ing win games, and myself, I'm not helping him enough. I'm not putting it on nobody else but me," said Lowry.

Leonard finished the game with 33 points. 

Nick Nurse added that the Raptors would need to be much more physical in game 4.

"I think we got outplayed in just about every area we could get outplayed in. Just in overall physicality, energy, cutting, rebounding, passing, you know, all of that kind of stuff, we got thoroughly outplayed, and it's been a while. Right? It's been a while since we've seen this team play that way...I guess we're going to have to play all of them a lot harder. We're going to have to play a hell of a lot more physical. I mean if we don't do that, the prettiest things we decided to do offensively aren't going to matter much."