The Philadelphia 76ers feature a trifurcated offense they label as "Pace, Post and Rub".

Pace refers to transition baskets, which typically are created by Ben Simmons pushing the ball.

Post is the traditional post-ups of Joel Embiid.

Rub refers to the majority of actions the 76ers run in the halfcourt, most notably dribble-handoffs and middle-pick-and-rolls. The 76ers have recently increased this playcall featuring either Jimmy Butler or Tobias Harris as the ballhandler and Embiid as the screener.

"When we come down to the offensive end, the evolution of Jimmy [Butler] with the ball, or posting Jo [Embiid], or utilizing Ben [Simmons], bringing JJ [Redick] off screens, making sure Tobias [Harris] -- you know, who can score a bunch of different ways -- is used," Sixers coach Brett Brown said. "I think it's evolving."