Mike D'Antoni credited PJ Tucker's defense on Kevin Durant for the Houston Rockets' game 3 win over the Golden State Warriors.

"He's a winner, and he wouldn't let us lose," said D'Antoni.

Durant shot 2-of-7 from the field in the last 15 minutes of the game with Tucker as the primary defender. Durant credited Tucker's work ethic with his success.

"He just plays extremely hard every time he's on the floor since he got into the league. That's just expected out of him at this point," said Durant.

Austin Rivers agreed with D'Antoni's assessment that Tucker won the game for the Rockets.

"For him to come in and guard KD like that when he was scorching hot was incredible. We don't have an answer for [Durant], but PJ is the one guy who can guard him or at least slow him down. PJ won that game for us in a lot of ways."