Steph Curry said that the Golden State Warriors' game 6 win over the Houston Rockets to close out the series showed how resilient the team could be without Kevin Durant.

"We had an opportunity to -- it's kind of weird to say -- prove a lot of people wrong knowing what we accomplished. But it's a lot of talking in the last 24, 48 hours about what we should and should not do in this series with KD out," said Curry.

Curry, who was scoreless in the first half, finished with 33 points in the game. He scored 23 points in the 4th quarter.

Curry added that the Warriors wouldn't have gone this far without Durant.

"I talked about it a lot, K has been unbelievable in this playoff run. We don't get to a Game 6 opportunity to close it out without him playing unbelievable and spectacular basketball and carrying us the first 11 games," said Curry.

Steve Kerr said that Curry's second half performance personified his overall play.

"That's what Steph does. I actually told his mom and dad after the game, I said, 'If that game didn't personify Steph Curry, I don't know what did.' He's a guy who can make some plays that leave you scratching your head -- the fouls, some of the turnovers, not tonight, but sometimes he just makes plays and you kinda look around and think, 'What is he doing?' But most of the time, he makes these incredible plays, and he's just fearless. And that's what makes him who he is."