Mike D'Antoni said it was going to be hard to get over the Houston Rockets game 6 loss to the Golden State Warriors that ended their season.

“Well, this one’s going to leave a mark. This is not just something you get over with. I’m definitely not going to get over it in this press conference, or tomorrow, or the next night. This one hurts. We didn’t play our best, and to beat these guys you have to play your best," said D'Antoni.

D'Antoni added that Clint Capela's struggles throughout the series was caused by Draymond Green's defense.

“Clint was huge during the regular season, he played great. Against Utah, he played great, but I thought this series, not quite as well. But that’s a tribute to Draymond Green as well. (Clint) is a classy guy. He’ll learn from this, he’ll only get better. He’s only 25, he’ll get stronger. The expectations are high for him. I think he was a little below his normal stats. Could’ve been better, but I’ll go down with guys like that.”