Kawhi Leonard discussed his emotional reaction following his series-winning shot in game 7 against the Philadelphia 76ers.

His shot represented the first buzzer-beater to win a game 7 in NBA history.

"Pretty much I’m a guy that acts like I’ve been there before. So probably the last time you’ve seen me scream was when we won (the championship with the Spurs). So whenever it’s like a moment where I haven’t really experienced, I’ll probably try to give some emotion, show some emotion, and let it just come out. So tonight was one of those nights. I’ve never been in that situation before — like you said, it’s the first (time) somebody hit a (buzzer-beating) game-winner in a Game 7, so I just showed emotion," said Leonard.

Leonard added that the Raptors ran a similar play earlier in the playoffs against Orlando. Leonard said he had to arc his shot to get it over Joel Embiid this time around.

"I knew I had some time to try to get some space rather than just catch and shoot the ball. But I ended up catching it and just trying to get to a space so I could get a shot off. Embiid was guarding me. He’s taller, longer than me. So (I) ended up finding a spot that I like, that I work on, ended up getting to the spot. Then I just knew I had to shoot it high."