Khris Middleton praised the Milwaukee Bucks "Bench Mob" following their 125-103 win over the Toronto Raptors in game 2. 

The Bucks bench outscored the Raptors bench 54-39 in the game.

"They can compete against other teams' starters," said Middleton of the "Bench Mob."

Nick Nurse added that the Bucks bench changed the game.

"I thought their bench guys came in and really ... when we kind of clawed back from the bad start, I think we got to 14-9 right away, then those guys came in and took off," said Nurse. 

Ersan Ilyasova, a member of the "Bench Mob," said the unit tries to set the tone each game like the starting 5.

"Everybody wants to look at the bench. We have a deep bench, and the whole season we rely on each other. Obviously, in this game, we kind of learned a lesson from Game 1 and everybody just from the gates was ready, and especially the bench. I think the starting five set the tone, and we have to just do the same thing."