The possibility of the Los Angeles Lakers trading LeBron James has been floated in the media, but the scenario appears extremely unlikely. James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Lakers during the 2018 offseason with the deal containing a player option for Year 4.

"Another discussion I had was this idea that LeBron could be traded," said Joe Vardon on the Tampering podcast. "I spoke with about 10 GMs and I would say about eight of them said flatly they did not expect LeBron to be traded. At least not this year. Two others were more curious about it, but are kind of just seeing how it wouldn't make sense for the Lakers to do that this year. You have him. You should take another run. You should see what happens when you get into free agency this year."

Vardon added that he believes James would have no interest in leaving Los Angeles as his family has become settled there with his son set to start high school.

"He is so happy to be living in Los Angeles," said Vardon. "His family is so happy about this. Bronny is going into high school. This is where they want to be. LeBron does not want to play anywhere else. I would be shocked if at any point for the remainder of his career, so long as LeBron James Jr. is in high school in Greater Los Angeles, that he would have any interest in playing anywhere else. He wants to make this work."