Frank Vogel said he's not worried about Jason Kidd potentially undermining his power as the Los Angeles Lakers head coach.

"I have been around this business a long time. I really don't give that a second thought. You can say that about every coach in the league about their assistant coaches. It happens from time to time. I believe if you treat people with the right respect and do the job at the highest level, build an environment of positivity and collaboration, you can't worry about that stuff. You can't worry about looking over your shoulder. You got to worry about getting good damn coaches, and that is how I feel about this hire," said Vogel.

Vogel instead praised Kidd's playing and coaching experience, saying that Kidd fits what he looks for in terms of building out of his coaching staff.

"I think he's done a good job as a head coach...This has been the model that's best for me, in terms of building my coaching staff: find a respected player with coaching experience that can help strengthen my message. I had a great, lengthy interview process with Jason where we talked about every topic you can imagine, and came away thinking he's going to be an incredible asset to our program," added Vogel.