Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers are expected to agree to a four-year, $191 million supermax contract extension this offseason.

Lillard would qualify for the supermax if he's voted to one of the three All-NBA Teams. Lillard is expected to either be a First or Second Team selection.

Lillard has two years and approximately $62 million remaining on his current deal. The extension would put him under contract for the next six years. Lillard would be 34 years old when the new contract expires.

Lillard's new deal is expected by rival executives to include a player option.

“We’ll focus on the [contract] later,” Lillard said after Game 4.

“Look at what we did this year,” Lillard told Yahoo Sports. “We played without our starting center [Jusuf Nurkic, who suffered a season-ending leg injury]. We played without CJ [McCollum] toward the end of the season. So, looking at that, we were still able to get here. We were one step away [from the Finals]. And not only here, we had double-digit leads in three of the four games. I think getting here is reassuring that we can get the job done.”