Frank Vogel said he and LeBron James talked in the days leading up to Vogel's introductory press conference as Los Angeles Lakers head coach, and that they were excited to be working together.

James had praised Vogel's coaching ability in the past.

“It was nice to see him show up, but I don’t think it would’ve meant anything if he wasn’t there. But it certainly falls in line with my idea that he and I are on the same page and we’re excited about working together," said Vogel of James' appearance at his press conference.

James reportedly was discouraged by the lack of structure to Luke Walton's offense last season, especially when his younger teammates forced a bad shot.

Vogel added that he wasn't going to try to reinvent the wheel on offense, but instead try to fully utilize James' ability.

“It’s not this massive innovative approach where we roll out something no one has ever seen before. We’re not going to recreate the wheel, but there are small things we can tweak, just like every player on the team, to put him in the best position to utilize his skill set. And I would also say it’s maybe less about how I’m using him and more about the environment around him.”