Addressing rumors of the Brooklyn Nets potentially pairing D'Angelo Russell and Kyrie Irving in their backcourt next season, Kevin Boyle said that both players would thrive due to their versatility on and off the ball.

Boyle coached both Irving and Russell in high school.

“I 1,000 percent think that could work. D’Angelo knows Kyrie, likes him, respects him. That could work with both sides. Kyrie could help D’Angelo to that top-10, top-15 level. I could see that blending together nicely. Not everybody fits with everybody. I don’t know why in Boston the things didn’t fit [for Irving], but it could fit there. They could play together, because both are guys who can score, get their shot own shot, yet both are outstanding passers and spray the ball around," said Boyle.

Boyle added that Irving would be more apt to share the ball due to his respect for Russell.

“They’d be good together because they both don’t mind the other guy handling the ball. They don’t have to dominate the ball all the time. People accuse Kyrie of that, but when he has players with a similar skill-set, similar knowledge to make plays, he’s more apt to share. D’Angelo is one of those guys.”