The Milwaukee Bucks hired Jon Horst in 2017 in a move considered a surprise around the NBA. Justin Zanik had been widely expected to run Milwaukee's front office but Wes Edens was "staunchly opposed" to Jamie Dinan and Marc Lasry wanting to hire Zanik.

The Bucks liked Horst and hiring him would also allow the franchise to save money.

“There wasn’t much of negotiation in hiring Horst,’’ a source familiar with the GM search said. “It was pretty much a ‘Take it or leave it’ offer.’’

Horst was elated at suddenly becoming general manager, but his low salary level upset many front office executives and their agents.

Horst agreed to an annual salary of $500,000.

“That was insulting to every GM in our league,’’ an NBA executive said earlier this week. “It was the lowest salary for a GM in our league – by far. The next lowest (GM) was paid $1 million.’’

According to multiple sources, the likes of R.C. Buford, Daryl Morey, Bob Myers, Sam Presti, Danny Ainge and Donnie Nelson are paid between $8 million and $10 million per season.

Horst is seeking a raise via a contract extension with just one season left on his original three-year deal. The owners of the Bucks are open to working out a new deal.

“If you asked me what would be a fair deal for him (Horst), I’d say around $3 million (a year),’’ an NBA executive said. “That’s about the average salary for a GM and I think he’s regarded as an average GM.

“But knowing those guys (the owners) I don’t think he’s going to get even that.’’